being a musician is scary

I first “met” Brooklyn when i just started the zine and i got hooked on her personality, music, and her positive vibes instantly, i am such a stan. Since then, I’ve watched her blossoming career blossom every day so it’s only logical that i ask her to be the first interviewee for thecoalition zine. Here we talk about how she started making music, moving to new york, and staying positive 24/7.

How did it all begin? How/When did you start wanting to become an artist and to make music?
I’ve been writing my entire life. Even when it wasn’t fun for me, my teachers would still make me do it. And my mom writes music as well so she was on me about it. One day when I was 8, it all just clicked. I got a passion for making music and drawing. I’d draw what I couldn’t say and vice versa. I played around with my crafts for years. Then in high school I began to record and meet serious people in the art world. And here I am!
Everyone knows that it’s super difficult to be taken seriously as an artist when you are a black female and also when you are young. How do you fight this in your day to day life, how do you keep from getting discouraged to a point where you just want to quit altogether?
It is hard as hell and I think about slamming my foot on the brakes more often than people think. When I tell people that I’m a rapper, they’ll laugh or roll their eyes. I’m like hmm alright okay. I just think about the fact that I’ve come so far. And I’m extremely close to living my absolute dream. So I can’t get caught up on the critics, the anonymous bloggers, or any problem that I face. You’re exactly right; I am a young, black female. Nothing and nobody can stop me but me.
You recently just moved to Brooklyn. How is it impacting you?
Yooooooooooo New York is another planet. I’m from Louisiana and at this point, I can’t even begin to attempt to process the idea of going back home hahaaaa. I’m happy and I feel at home. Being here has changed me girl. I go outside more than ever before and I’m obsessed with bucket hats/body glitter/moisturizer now. AND I’ve met some of my favorite musicians. It is crazy. My move is shining through in my music and art as well. I’m sketching café scenes 25/8 and always rapping about hot pavement and the subway, lmao!
There are a lot of rappers and artists and super talented people coming up through the Internet and you are one of them. What have you learned since you started putting out music and do you have any advice in regards to pursuing what you want to do?
Number one, the internet is brutal. It is an amazing platform but people are ruthless. You can’t be sensitive. Hate will come your way. You gotta block it out and WORK HARD. I’ve learned that if you’re talented, genuine, a hustler, and dedicated, eventually, you will obtain a support system and some ride or die fans. I mean there’s some horrible internet music out there too but uhm you know. God bless. Make a plan, set goals, make connections. Anything is possible. 
How do you feel about people trying to discredit you or look down on you? 
You give off such great vibes of positivity, how do you stay funny and lax like that on a daily basis?
Thank you! The bulk of my positive rants are me talking to myself. Saying things that I need to hear and have in my spirit. I have a little sister (Ragen) so sometimes I’m making these mass posts but I’m really just yelling encouraging stuff at her. Gotta let my little brown princess know how important she is.
How are you when it comes to boys or relationships, how do you approach them?
*gags* I’m ridiculous. I have some contradictory qualities and ideas for sure. Aggressive, laid back…I’m a playa?????? sometimes but I’m also the biggest simp in North America???? Goddamn. I really try not to stress over niggas because to me, right now, they’re earrings. Accessories. Sometimes the hole gotta be pierced, you feel me?? I’m trying to ignore them and focus on my music. Shoutsout to my Louisiana bae tho oh my god I hope he does not see this haaaaaaaaaaaa this question has me dry heaving
What do you wish to accomplish, in your music and in your life, in the next couple of years?
Uhm in the next few years, I would like to be signed to a label that fits me or continue to release my work independently (on a more major scale). I’d like for it to remain fun. Of course I want to grow as a woman and as an artist. Work with my faves. Buy my mother a house. Make my hometown proud. That’s about it.

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